gernBotschaft Blog: “The Future of B2B Marketing”

Last summer, I had the incredible privilege of working with gernBotschaft, a B2B marketing firm based in Nürnberg, Germany. As a means of establishing thought leadership, they maintain a well-curated blog that comments on industry trends and chronicles office life in a whimsical way. They asked me to write a post in English to help them rank in British and American searches. After doing a thorough market analysis, I determined that firms in both regions were becoming increasingly interested in the potential of virtual reality as a cutting-edge marketing tool. Furthermore, gernBotschaft was in the early stages of building an augmented reality experience for a high-profile client to include in an upcoming trade show installation. With all of this in mind, I set out to write a blog post that respected SEO principles and boosted gernBotschaft in searches for keywords like “B2B virtual reality.” They’ve informed me that they now rank among the top 20 firms in Germany for virtual reality related marketing searches on Google.


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