Appalachia (Short Film)

*In order to view this video in full HD, click HD, and follow the link to watch on Vimeo.com* This is an incredibly short film I shot on a weekend backpacking trip. It is a testament to guerrilla shooting, and how powerful the post production process can be. I only had my camera and two lenses,… Continue reading Appalachia (Short Film)

Blue and Gold News Teaser

A quick teaser I made for my high school newspaper.

Podcast: Orchid Mantis

A profile of a close friend. He still makes music under this name, and has found decent success. While this is old and imperfect, I like to think it showcases a formative eye for narrative, as well as an intuitive understanding of how to interact with people in order to get them to be honest… Continue reading Podcast: Orchid Mantis